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  • Online Exam Test has been done on 13-Feb-2019 at 5.00 PM.
  • Qualified candidate will be informed by email.
  • Online Training for the courses has been successfully completed

Navodaya Technical Education & Employment Institute (NTEEI), Noida aims to become an Institution of excellence in imparting quality outcome based Education that empowers the youth. We measure the progress and competencies of the student as they go through a relevant course in which they might be master their own. Trainees will undergo intensive training at the institute and will be offered industry recognized certificate on successful completion of training and assessment. We provide education not for their knowledge gain but, our training programs are fully job oriented vision. we act also as an intermediary between employers looking for candidates to hire and the candidates looking for jobs. Through our employment service, we aim at providing the most suitable person for a job vacancy with our clients.


Our mission is to mitigate the threat to unemployment through quality education in training programs. Our aim is to make youth educated as well as employed.  We firmly believe that employment service is not just about providing the best matched candidates to employers rather, it is about understanding the requirements and aspirations of our clients, so that we can provide best candidates that would help to achieve the organization’s goals effectively. After understanding the requirements, job description etc., we develop and follow a recruitment strategy that would allow us to get the right candidate that would complement the organization’s success.  



To educate students in various disciplines, like Communication, BPO training, Sales and marketing, engineering etc.. by imparting theoretical knowledge as well as practical training and live projects.

To educate students as per Industry standard through conferences, workshops, visits to various industry and organizations.

To organize orientation, training programmes refresher courses for the personnel in his field.


We at NTEEI are here to provide the solutions to both prospective employers and employees. To provide best quality from talent pool to the employers, and help to place the best candidate at right time, we provide all the level resources to the industry like Senior, Middle and Entry level positions.


Our process begins with arranging interviews of candidate for the requirements sent by our recruiters and as per qualification having with candidate. We match education with employment

At NTEEI, we strive hard to provide you the best services at affordable rates. we do not consider this process as a way to profit but, we consider it a bright future of our candidate only. We know the importance of skilled manpower for an organization’s success, so we do everything possible to get you the best candidate for a firm. We endeavor to place not only the best candidate but also to look for one who has a positive attitude towards work, can work in a team and prove to be a valuable resource to the employer.